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2011 Jeff Gomez Transmedia Masterclass

2011 Jeff Gomez Transmedia Masterclass

The Down Under Tour
July 27 - 2, 2011

A one-day masterclass with the world’s foremost transmedia producer of Avatar, Tron, Halo and Pirates of the Caribbean.



The world’s most successful transmedia producer who wowed participants at Melbourne International Film Festival’s “Film eXtended” last year, returns to Australia to present his full one-day masterclass - which sells out at Kidscreen, Cinekid, Comic Con and other major media events all around the world.  Jeff’s Australian tour includes Melbourne – 27th July; Sydney – 29th  July & 30th July; Perth – 2nd August. 

This is your opportunity to spend a full day learning from the number one transmedia guru.

Jeff’s credits include: Avatar, Tron, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hotwheels and Coca Cola’s The Happiness Factory, amongst many others.

If you’re in film, television, marketing or interactive media – this is your sole opportunity to spend a day learning from the world’s foremost expert.

You will learn how to create intense loyalty and long-term engagement amongst audiences and communities, and how to turn that into multiple revenue streams.

About Transmedia:

Deep media, persistent narrative, immersive storytelling, transmedia: right now, we are experiencing a moment of radical technological change, with seismic shifts in the way that entertainment is conceived, produced and distributed, watched and interacted with. Savvy companies, producers, and brands (Lost, Star Trek, Halo, Coca Cola, Mattel to name a few) are incubating concepts that are designed to captivate and interact with audiences across an array of media platforms.

Transmedia narrative is the technique of conveying messages, concepts and themes to a mass audience through systemic and concerted use of multiple media platforms. The implementation is designed to engage audience members individually, validating their involvement and positively reinforcing personal participation in the narrative. The result is intense loyalty, long-term engagement and a desire to share the experience – leading to multiple revenues for creative producers.

The first of its kind in the world – this one-day masterclass delivers practical, how-to, hands-on training and will assist you to maximize your income with transmedia storytelling.

You will learn how to:

1. Take titles/stories/films/media/brands across multiple platforms

2. Evolve them into high quality persistent narratives

3. Which in turn generate multiple revenue streams for you

Each Masterclass is limited to just 50 participants. **SYDNEY** and **MELBOURNE** are **SOLD OUT**. 

 Register today to secure your place in Perth!

Who Should Attend?

Screen Professionals: producers, writers, directors, commissioners, cross-platform producers, distributors, policy makers, and investors.

Digital Media Professionals: web developers and designers, mobile and app developers, games designers, multiplatform producers

Brand and Communications Professionals: advertising and marketing professionals, social media specialists

Publishing Professionals: publishers, authors, editors 

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Wednesday 28th July


Level 12, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne

tel: 1300 008 710

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Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July

Boutwell Draper Gallery

82 George Street, Redfern

tel: +61 2 9310 5662

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Tuesday 1st August

Art Gallery of WA - Theaterette

Perth Cultural Precinct

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Jeff Gomez portrait

Jeff Gomez

Chief Executive Officer, Starlight Runner Entertainment; Transmedia Producer Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Halo etc (New York)

Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, is the world's leading expert at expanding entertainment properties, premium brands, and socio-political themes into highly successful transmedia narratives and international campaigns.


As a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Jeff develops corporate and individual brand narratives and contributes strategic planning and production for the extension of narrative content across digital and traditional platforms. He also extends films, toys, novels, comic books and graphic novels, animation, and videogame titles across multiple access points and product lines, which generate massive fan communities and multiple revenue streams. 

Jeff created the smash hit Hot Wheels animation universe for Mattel, and has worked with such companies as The Walt Disney Company (Pirates of the Caribbean, Fairies, Tron Legacy), 20th Century Fox (James Cameron’s Avatar), Sony Pictures Entertainment (Men in Black 3, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Venom), Microsoft (Halo), Coca-Cola (Happiness Factory), Hasbro (Transformers), Nickelodeon (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Showtime (Dexter), and Pepperidge Farm (Goldfish).

Jeff’s team at Starlight Runner possesses the ability to glean vital narrative elements from vast quantities of data, which enables them to derive the essence of a story world, brand or message and maximize its impact with mass audiences.

Starlight Runner designs, develops, strategizes and implements carefully orchestrated transmedia implementations, often on a global scale, with partners and clients. In the process they drive new revenue streams, open up significant new media opportunities and capture the imagination of millions for movie studios, television networks, videogame companies, book publishers, and consumer product corporations.

Coverage of Jeff Gomez’s work and seminars appears in Variety, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Wired UK, Los Angeles Times, and dozens of newspapers, magazines and blogs from around the world. He was selected by Details magazine to be one of the 2010 Mavericks for his contributions toward shifting the business and artistic paradigm in the global film and entertainment industry. He was designated a Hollywood “Power Player” by Variety in January 2012.

Jeff was also recently awarded the Director’s Coin for Excellence by the United States Special Operations Command / InterAgency Task Force for his transmedia work on asymmetrical conflict and international crisis narratives in the field.

A Latino who spent his childhood in the low-income housing projects of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Jeff also champions the concerns of young people with his Never Surrender! inspirational seminars and curricula. He is a nationally recognized expert on leadership and success strategies for children and teenagers, with an emphasis on how to overcome bullying in schools.




Masterclass Outline


Part I: The Power of Transmedia Storytelling

The history, the value proposition, how Jeff came to embrace it, and the latest industry news as its potential begins to begins to be realised in the entertainment industry.


Part II: Immersion & Incubation

-- The role of the Grand Narrative

-- Criteria for a successful transmedia franchise

-- The elements of storyworld incubation

-- Criteria for an evergreen franchise


Part III: Development

-- Fiction vs. Non-Fiction / Open vs. Closed systems

-- Brand archetypes and aspirational drivers

-- Intellectual Property Bibles and Mythologies

-- Building platform-neutral Storyworlds that are extensible over multiple touchpoints

-- Establishing Authorship and Pitch Materials

-- Failed properties


 Part IV: Production

-- Building partnerships, fans and coalitions

-- Role of the driving platform

-- Defining and incentivizing canon

-- Constructing bridges between marketing, digital and creative

-- Remaining the visionary (consumer products & licensing)


Part V: The Future of Transmedia Narrative


Part VI: Case Studies


There are only limited places for each Masterclass - book your ticket today.


The 2011 Jeff Gomez Transmedia Masterclass is made possible through the generous support of:

Screen Australia

Film Victoria (Melbourne)

Screen NSW (Sydney)

Screen West (Perth)

If you were to attend a Jeff Gomez Masterclass elsewhere in the world it would cost upwards of USD $795.  The pricing in Australia is heavily subsidised by our sponsors.



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Level 12
123 Queen Street

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Boutwell Draper Gallery
82 George St

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Art Gallery of WA



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